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Your partner for electrical items at wholesale prices

In our shop, we offer over 200.000 elektroproducts at low prices. Experience bring the variety of electrical engineering, craftsman to cheer. Build with us to make your home a piece of jewelery.
HMS Elektrotechnik GmbH ...Your electric Partners for the Future...

The history of

HMS Elektrotechnik GmbH

  The HMS Elektrotechnik GmbH which was founded in September 2004 in Vogtareuth, operating since October 2004 as an independent company. We are a service company that does not manufacture its own products or markets - our employees, their expertise and their commitment to make our identity, performance and strength. Therefore, we rely heavily on the development and qualification of our employees. In addition, employees in permanent dialogue will be informed of results, developments and objectives and integrated. The HMS Elektrotechnik GmbH has specialized in planning, electrical installation and construction management for clients of the big industry. In this case, our company is active worldwide. 6 Employees (as of November 2013) drive the HMS Elektrotechnik GmbH ahead highly qualified and committed. From line to installation, to ensure smooth installation, we offer a versatile expertise from various fields such as Automotive industry, power plants, paper industry, industrial production halls. For example, many large companies are fully supplied with Quality made by HMS.
Unsere Leistungen Industrieverkabelung im In- und Ausland Montageleitung im Elektrotechnikbereich Elektroinstallation im gewerblichen und häuslichen Rahmen Unterstützung bei Personalengpässen Fertigung von Schaltanlagen Partner für Photovoltaik Handel für Elektroartikel und Haushaltsgeräten