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Your partner for electrical items at wholesale prices

In our shop, we offer over 200.000 elektroproducts at low prices. Experience bring the variety of electrical engineering, craftsman to cheer. Build with us to make your home a piece of jewelery.
HMS Elektrotechnik GmbH ...Your electric Partners for the Future...
We live an integrated management system that includes quality, environmental protection and occupational safety. The primary goal is to satisfy our customers to the fullest satisfaction. This means that customers need to be identified early and we can offer the best solutions through innovation. In the field of environmental protection and safety at work, we see it as a duty to comply with all legal and customer requirements. At the same time we encourage our business partners and suppliers by providing information, instructions and controls for satisfying specified by us environmental and safety standards. One of our goals is to improve the integrated management system for quality, environment and occupational safety continuously. From this point the line required to avoid environmental impacts. The system gives us the ability to identify all quality, environmental and occupational safety related process steps to analyze and thus to identify improvement potentials. We strive for open communication with our customers, employees, authorities and the public and promote the goal-oriented cooperation. For our customers and for us we want to create a competitive advantage by being a reliable partner both in quality as well as environmental protection and occupational safety. Our company's success is based on the qualification, information and motivation of all employees. The necessary knowledge is imparted to them by means of training. The Environmental Management System covers the most important environmental aspects and their impact on the environment. By we apply methods of assessment of environmental aspects, it is possible for us to our goals and measures for environmental protection to focus on the key areas.